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Thank you, parents!

Friday, November 25th, 2016

Creating a great soccer experience for the kids in our club doesn’t begin and end with what happens on the field. Rather, it takes the hard work and dedication of our coaches and many volunteers to help make each season a reality, and just as importantly, it takes the support of all of our parents to make sure that every team and every kid who wears the SSC badge leaves each season with good memories, great friendships, and a greater grasp of the game.

Recently, our club received the following note from a referee who, along with his son, has spent the past season working games for the Inter-County Soccer League. Suffice to say, we were heartened to read what he had to say. You can read the full note below.

Thank you for your continued efforts in helping us build our club, and in supporting our kids in a positive fashion every time they take the field.

Here’s the note:

To: Coaches and Administrators of Springfield Soccer Club

This was my 16-yo son and my first year refereeing games since becoming certified last summer. It is an intimidating responsibility and wearing that shirt gives you a different perspective of how difficult the job is. Interpreting events in split second, evaluating outcomes and game flow, immediately recalling rules, and trying to see every inch of a field as a one-man referee are only the beginning of the challenges of that position.

Parents and coaches have become a significant part of the game and I’m sure we’ve all seen the spectrum in levels of constructiveness and support (or lack thereof). This brings me to the point of my email…

My son and I have refereed about 18 different games from U8-U13 for various teams in your club this season. It has been our consistent reflection that these games are positive experiences for your players and game officials due in large part to your coaches and parents. There have been disagreements and more than a few officiating mistakes made but everything has been respectful and never once been negative or a distraction for players. Coaches always have a quick thank-you after games and fans have been nothing short of positive toward players, coaches and referees.

Sportsmanship starts at the top and I commend your administrators, coaches and parents for leading by example. Your players displayed much talent, love and respect for the game and this will long survive any individual wins or losses or missed calls.

Unfortunately this email cannot equally be written for other clubs but Springfield Soccer Club has been so exemplary that I felt compelled to offer you our feedback and thanks.

Steve & Ryan M.

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