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Registration is not yet open for the SSC Fall 2018 Travel Season. Details to come soon.


What should you expect?

Travel team practices usually start during the summer and take place one to two times a week through the summer and the entire soccer season. The travel season lasts from the weekend after Labor Day until the second week of December. Your travel team might also compete in tournaments before, during and after the season. Most last an entire weekend (Friday through Sunday).

What is expected of you?

Commitment to your team and coaches is expected. That means you attend each practice, game, and participate in soccer camps and tournaments. It will be expected that your parent(s) will facilitate your participation and attend all events relating to games and tournaments with you. Conflicts, such as other sport or social commitments, other than school or religious based, are expected to be resolved in favor of travel team commitments.

Springfield Soccer Club

Travel Age Chart

Follow the chart below to determine which team level your child should belong for Fall 2016 team placement.


1-1-99 thru 12-31-99


1-1-00 thru 12-31-00


1-1-01 thru 12-31-01


1-1-02 thru 12-31-02


1-1-03 thru 12-31-03


1-1-04 thru 12-31-04


1-1-05 thru 12-31-05


1-1-06 thru 12-31-06


1-1-07 thru 12-31-07


1-1-08 thru 12-31-08


1-1-09 thru 12-31-09


1-1-10 thru 12-31-10


1-1-11 thru 12-31-11

Additional policies

We have policies in place surrounding our tryouts, playing up and refund policies.



1. To be eligible for a tryout, players must have submitted the required registration form(s) and have paid the registration fee to the SSC registrar. Fee is refundable in full to players not selected.

2. Tryouts will be conducted for age/gender groups as required based on registration numbers and number of teams. There will be a minimum of two (2) tryout dates for each age/gender group requiring tryouts to determine team rosters. Players are required to attend at least one (1) tryout to be eligible for team selection. Players that do not attend the tryouts will be placed on the lowest level team at their age/gender group if roster sizes permit.

3. Players will be evaluated by one (1) age/gender group coach to be identified by the Coach and Player Development Committee, and a minimum of two (2) independent evaluators assigned by the Coach and Player Development Committee. The same lead coach and independent evaluators should attend each of the scheduled tryouts for their assigned age/gender group.

4. Player evaluation during tryouts will be based on four (4) components of soccer: Technical ability, Tactical play, Physical fitness, and Psychology. Each player will be scored on a 1 to 5 scale (with 5 being the highest score) by each attending evaluator (a minimum of three (3) evaluators). The tryout format for all age/gender groups will be developed by the Coaches Coordinator and the Coach and Player Development Committee.

5. Upon the completion of tryouts, the coach and the independent evaluators will attempt to come to a consensus on the ranking of the players being evaluated. If a consensus cannot be reached, the coach’s ranking will be given first priority with the evaluator’s contested rankings noted. Team rosters will be based on the players total scores during tryouts and team roster sizes, which are subject to the number of available players and the number of teams per age/gender group.

6. Final player rankings and proposed roster size for each age/gender group will be reviewed by the Coach and Player Development Committee. Upon Committee approval, a final presentation of team selection will be presented to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors reserves the right to adjust final roster sizes.

7. Head coaches of individual teams are responsible for notifying players of their team assignments.

8. Maximum team roster sizes are as follows: 12 players for 7v7; 14 players for 9v9; and 18 players for 11v11. The goal of team selection will be to ensure that all registered players attending tryouts have a team to play on by maximizing rosters when applicable.

Playing up

Adopted by the SSC Board of Directors, January 2016

  1. The Springfield Soccer Club (“Club”) recognizes that it is generally best for the player and the club if the player plays on a team corresponding to their correct “soccer age” as defined by the EPYSA, rather than “playing up” on a team comprised primarily of older players.
  2. The option to play up is available to players U10 and older.
  3. If a player wishes to try out for the team that is an age level above their appropriate “soccer age,” they must make this request during the registration period and prior to the beginning of tryouts. The request should clearly justify the need for playing up. Appropriate justifications for playing up should be based on soccer skills and ability. The request to “play up” must be submitted in writing to the Coaches Coordinator and to President of the Club prior to each travel soccer season. Upon receipt of the written request, the Coaches Coordinator will request approval from the player’s current coach and the coach of the older desired team.
  4. A player granted the opportunity to attempt to play up would be required to attend tryouts for both their age-appropriate team and the desired older age group.
  5. The player must place in the top 50% of the older top level team (i.e., “A” team) in order to be considered to make the roster and play up. To provide a larger body of evidence from which to decide suitability to play up, the option to play up is only available to returning Club players.
  6. The Coaches Coordinator will finalize all decisions on playing up based on tryout results and recommendations from coaches. The Board has the right to review all team rosters.
  7. If, as a result of playing up, the player’s age appropriate team is unable to field a sufficient number of players to form one team, the request to play up may be denied at the discretion of the Coaches Coordinator and the Club’s Coach and Player Development Committee.
  8. The Club also reserves the right to assign players to “play up” (in any age group) where there are an insufficient number of players to field a team.


Revised 03-14-2011

Refunds will be issued for valid medical reasons, relocation, or not making a team – all at the discretion of the SSC Board of Directors. All requests must be submitted in person, in writing with supporting documentation, to a SSC Board member or at a SSC Board meeting.